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Redemptive Suffering

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

“If you carry My cross with the joy of My peace, even though you suffer, your suffering will be redemptive.”(from Gianna below)

I see beautiful ministries springing up all over social media, all of which have grown out of someone’s suffering. I wouldn’t be sitting here writing these words had I not endured my own “Dark Nights of the Soul.” We must die to ourselves at times so that we might rise again in His everlasting glory. Jesus suffered more than any of us, and if we truly allow His passion to fill our souls, He will be there to rise with us as we fulfill His mission for us, and His mission is for every one of us if we say “yes,” and accept it. Eternity is now, and eternity is always. How we spend eternity depends on us. It’s all about the love we give back, and it’s beautiful to watch so many of you giving back to Him like that through your own suffering. We are all called to serve one another, and to walk humbly in His light. Here and now. In perfect love, precious souls. May we carry His light always, through Him, with Him, and in Him. ❤️🙏

As told to Gianna Talone Sullivan, July 11, 1990, I am your Jesus of Mercy Vol III Redemptive Suffering “My dear child, there are many of My people who suffer, who do not realize that their suffering is redemptive and, there- fore, should be received with joy. The closer you achieve the Kingdom of God, the more you will suffer, whether it be physical or internal. For those who are My followers are likened to Me, and shall suffer as I, and carry the cross! Salvation came to the world because I carried the cross and suffered for mankind. Those who desire My glory can only be glorified in Me through their suffering and cross. Rejoicing should be exclaimed for those who suffer, for they have been found worthy by God to suffer like unto Me. My people need to be strong to accept. Pray for them, child. If they cannot handle the little suffering they endure now, how will they be able to endure the suffering of the world to come? Pray that they accept My strength, for it is only with My strength will they be able to overcome all maladies. All must pick up their cross. If they throw it away, only a heavier cross shall befall them! See suffering as true happiness, for the Kingdom of God is close to all who suffer and offer their suffering for the salvation of the world. It is in the moments you feel abandoned and all alone that you can be sure that your suffering has not gone unnoticed, but that it is redemptive. Be at peace, as I teach you and all My people to rely on Me; to seek Me; and to know that I am He Who can comfort and grant joy. My people choose to suffer without Me and they carry their own cross, instead of Mine. Do not create your own suffering. Look to Me and follow My way by re- maining faithful to My Word. As you grow and come closer to reaching My Kingdom, you shall be deemed worthy by My Father to suffer like unto Me and be graced by the cross. If you carry My cross with the joy of My peace, even though you suffer, your suffering will be redemptive. There is such little time, My dear one. My people need time to change. Tell them to use their time wisely by begin- ning to change now for when the events come to pass which I have revealed to you, they will come quickly, one after the other!! I shall send My designated angels to unveil the secrets. Pray that, by then, all who desire Me have changed to the good pleasure of My Fäther. Therefore, My dear people, receive My strength and en- dure your cross and suffering. Suffering is redemptive when offered up for the salvation and peace of the world. Rejoice, those of you who have been found worthy by God to suffer. The Kingdom of God is in close reach for you. Bless you, and My Peace I give to you all, now and for all eternity. Ad Deum.”

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