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Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg to Gianna Talone-Sullivan March 25, 2022

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

My dear little children, praised be Jesus.

I love you little ones, and I desire you to be completely safe and free from fear. The power of prayer will protect you and keep evil far from you. Evil flees when you remain committed to the Sacramental life.

What is important now is to know that you are not alone. Be strong. The Armor of Truth, which years ago I addressed to you [with which] to shield yourself, should now be in place. God the Father has sent his angels to encircle you, and Jesus dwells within you. Keep watch over your heart and never allow the Flame of His Love dwindle. Guard it and wrap it like a cocoon to give you the comfort of this great treasure He has given to you. Do not allow fear to filter through your mind and cause you anxiety. This is what is happening; you are allowing fear to overpower your inner peace. Instead of being distracted by the division and the uncertainty of the ways your children are living, return to the center of your heart where Jesus dwells, and draw strength through the infusion of His Love.

Take the time to pray quietly. Spending time with Jesus in the quiet of your heart will speak volumes to you. You will become inebriated by the infusion of His Love and you will gain the knowledge and wisdom to make firm decisions.

It is critical now that you keep faithful to your prayerful ways and do not scatter. God is with you! My Immaculate Heart will Triumph, and I have not left you. It is time now to be selfless by being the Light of Jesus and the strength of His Truth.

I love you, dear children of my Immaculate Heart. I wrap you in my mantle of protection. Thank you for responding to my call. Pray, Pray, Pray and remain victorious by suffocating fear through LOVE.

Peace to you. Ad Deum

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