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Private Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg To Gianna Talone-Sullivan June 20, 2022

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

My dear little one, praised be Jesus!

It is so important that my children realize how much they judge one another and make every effort to stop.  

You should not judge anyone. Only God alone has the authority to judge. Often, people judge one another as if they have an agenda with which they want the other person to conform. If that person does not, then that person is viewed as not being worthy of Heaven. I want my children to realize that when they judge negatively they condemn their very selves.  

Tell my children, they are called to be the Light of Jesus. They are called to invite forgiveness,  to pray, to love and to be merciful to one another. No one should shun, or condemn, or judge and/or manipulate anyone to conform to an agenda. I tell you, dear one, that everyone will be measured with [that with] which they measure.  

Look at your own ways first. You would not want someone to negatively judge you on your conduct, or to be manipulated to adjust to an agenda, not of your liking, and, if you did not conform, [to] then be shunned, labelled as a deceiver, and not worthy of God’s invitation to be with Him in Heaven. You would like to be forgiven, embraced, loved and receive Mercy.  

Tell my children to be careful when they have been gifted with a level of spiritual maturity, and the Wisdom of God. True wisdom would tell you never to judge negatively, but to reach out with the oil of charity and to forgive instead of pouring vinegar on wounds. Remember your ways of the past and the gratitude you had when Jesus forgave you! You should be helping others, not judging them.  

I love you and I love all my children. Please pass on my message of love and concern to all.

Peace to you. I extend to you my little Child Jesus’ omnipotent Blessing as He raises His adorable hands to you.  

Thank you for responding to my call.

Ad Deum

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