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Private Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg To Gianna Talone-Sullivan July 6, 2022

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

My dear little one, praised be Jesus!

Keep your focus on Jesus and the Love He has for you and all of His people. Everyone has a mission in their life. Some more outlined than others, but there is a meaning in the gift of life for every person. They may not realize what God has planned for them and from them. It is through prayer and simple works of love, purity and mercy that His Will is recognized. That is why it is so important to take time for quiet prayer to praise Him, and so that your soul can listen to Him. The Holy Spirit will reveal to each person His desire.

So many people morally hurt my Son. Those who continue to love Him, and dress His wounds with prayers, love and kindness, will move valiantly ahead, even amid events that seem contrary to His promise. He will never abandon you. Often, the good and innocent take the blame for something he/she hasn’t done. God allows all things according to His good pleasure. Ultimately it is for the good of each person’s soul. However, if you persevere, every person will be victorious and valiant.

Do not be afraid. Every hair on your head is accounted for. Do your best and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. God’s Will will become evident, and your direction and purpose will unfold. I love you and desire all my children to know how much they are loved, valued, and needed for my mission to protect, and to keep God’s children safe from evil, and out of harm’s way.

Thank you for responding to my call.

Ad Deum

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